EuroPharma Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine 25 mg – 30 Capsules -2 Pack


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  • Hormone balance & immune health
  • Breast, prostate, colon health
  • Detoxification of Environmental Stressors

Product Description

Tri-Iodine provides three beneficial forms of iodine to nourish multiple body systems: a blend of potassium iodide, sodium iodide, and molecular iodine.

Customer Reviews

11 reviews for EuroPharma Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine 25 mg – 30 Capsules -2 Pack

  1. S.Wilson

    I love this product. Really starting to feel better.
    Approximately four years ago, when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), I took an iodine supplement and I did not notice any difference. That product only had one type of iodine in it. I did not buy it again.
    My doctor has had me take levothyroxine, but I never felt good. Always tired in mornings. Got worse & worse over years until I was tired, and I mean severely tired, all day long. Muscles felt weak, I thought that was due to low iron levels so I was taking iron & still not getting better. My doctor said my blood tests showed my hormone levels were fine and would not adjust the levothyroxine.
    I read more about iodine and the thyroid and tried this product because it has three types of iodine in it. I have been taking one capsule for two weeks and I am already feeling much better. I even have more energy in the mornings which is amazing to me!! I am not yet like I was before the thyroid became an issue, but I am better. I have been suffering from depression and now I feel much more positive. My muscles are still sluggish, especially in my legs, but I think they are getting better. I am even finding it easier to focus and I am more productive at my job. Again, I have only been taking Tri-iodine for two weeks, so I am pretty excited by the results so far!

  2. Larry F.

    Seems to help increase my energy. I’ve been taking it for a few months now and really think it has helped.

  3. Bookworm

    Great product. Very pleased. Immediate results.

  4. Laura T. Brown

    Helped to bosst my thryroid

  5. Karin G.

    This was recommended by a Master Herbalist to help me get iodine back into my system. It seems to be doing it’s job very well. And very timely delivery.

  6. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a number of years and Tri Iodine has helped with my health. A good product.

  7. Greg

    Great product and makes a definite health difference

  8. sshaw

    Finally feeling better

  9. Lauren G. Mansfield

    It’s excellent!

  10. SallyBoethin

    I do not see the any improvement yet.

  11. Juxtagirl

    Great value. I trust this brand over all others. I have a thyroid condition that requires daily iodine. This is balanced and without fillers. Easy to take capsule.

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