Sparkle Dent


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  • Removes tartar, calculus, plaque and tough stains from dentures without the use of harmful bleach
  • Easy to use – just dissolve one capful of Sparkle-Dent in a cup of warm water and soak dentures for 15 minutes
  • Highly concentrated formula starts working immediately to whiten stains with no scrubbing needed, safe for soft liners
  • One 8oz bottle provides whitening and cleaning treatments for up to six months

Product Description

Sparkle Dent denture whitener concentrated formula returns dentures to sparkling luster Denture whitener is safe for soft liners, too. Advanced formula does more than clean…it brings back fresh color, removes tartar, plaque and calcium deposits. With Sparkle Dent, stains from coffee, tea and food are gone One 8 ounce denture cleaner bottle lasts up to 6 months.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Sparkle Dent

  1. NonnyB

    Purchased for family member to remove staining. Has made significant difference to denture appliance removing years of tea staining.

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