Terry Naturally/Europharma Colon & Bowel Probiotic 2 Pack


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  • Colon & Bowel Probiotic
  • Support healthy intestinal flora
  • Ease Occasional Gut Issues

Product Description

Colon & Bowel Probiotic features the FloraSureâ„¢ probiotic blend, a unique combination of live, active cultures with a long history of human use, specifically chosen to help relieve occasional digestive discomforts. Colon & Bowel Probiotic provides the probiotics you need to support healthy intestinal flora, ease occasional gut issues, and promote everyday gastrointestinal function.*

Customer Reviews

1 review for Terry Naturally/Europharma Colon & Bowel Probiotic 2 Pack

  1. Pinky Lew

    Arrived on time and some how it doesn’t make best probiotic list but it has more and stronger ingredients and works better than those on best supplement list. I have tired most of them.

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