Terry Naturally/EuroPharma -SinuCare 30 Softgels – 3 Pack


(13 customer reviews)
  • Help you breathe easy
  • Respiratory system support
  • Support healthy cilia activity

Product Description

SinuCare provides the soothing support of Eucalyptus and Myrtle to help you breathe easy. These unique botanical extracts have been shown to directly provide effective respiratory system support in part by their ability to support healthy cilia activity.* Goes to work immediately for results you can feel.
Does not cause drowsiness or jitteriness. Supports both the sinus and bronchial airway passages.*

Customer Reviews

13 reviews for Terry Naturally/EuroPharma -SinuCare 30 Softgels – 3 Pack

  1. John

    Totally skeptical at first, as I’m sure many of you are, but I’m here to tell you…it works. Anytime I’m stopped up (living in Chicago winters), I take it…and 15 minutes later…presto. Nose starts to drain a bit and I can breathe out my nose. Its definitely worth giving it a try…may or may not work for you, but you’ll never know unless you try.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I use this to clear out my sinuses and avoid an antibiotic. You do end up with menthol burps, but it lessens the severity of my congestion. I’d say it takes me less time to recover from a cold/sinus infection with Sinucare than with a Z-pack or antibiotic from the Dr. Definately recommend, and Terry Naturals is a great brand that I trust!

  3. Shirley A. Little

    I use this every night to keep my sinuses clear for easy breathing while sleeping. Easy to use & easy to remember to take it. Would definitely purchase again.

  4. JoAnne H.

    I have chronic sinus issues and this is by far the best product I have found. No harsh ingredients or preservatives. And I find that, for me, taking just one capsule most evenings before bedtime, keeps my sinus clear.

  5. Seadollar50

    I would recommend this product to anyone who has sinus problems. I’ve had sinus congestion and pain frequently for many years (20 plus) and have tried so many things, prescription and non prescription, the different sinus rinses – which have all resulted in more pain-
    and many natural products. I am also a CPAP user which only made matters worse for me, until I tried this product. I also use the “breathe right” type strips.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I hate using over the counter medication for my sinuses and I hate using perscribed meds as well. This does help, especially when you keep up with it. I don’t get that dried out feeling I usually get with perscribed meds. I like using this and will continue to use it.

  7. Thomas Z.

    This the best treatment for sinus blockage. This what I use. No synthetic chemicals

  8. MA

    Love this product …especially during allergy season

  9. Barbara Yasovsky

    This is the best product I have ever found for preventing a sinus infection! The lower cost at Amazon makes it possible for me to always keep it on hand

  10. Annette Saunders

    Great all natural sinus/allergy medication. No Jitters. Just results.

  11. Brian

    Minor taste of eucalyptus, but they are highly effective. Closest thing stateside to the capsules I can get in Europe.

  12. Odeta Carroll

    Absolutely great product! It helps with bronchitis and asthma attacks.

  13. C. Lynn

    Recommended to me by a family member who is an herbalist. Assisted in recovering from a sinus infection instead of a third round of antibiotics.

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