Don’t you hate it when your skin is so dry it cracks and itches?  Dry skin is uncomfortable and while winter’s dry air can make it worse there may be things you’re doing that are contributing to the problem too. Let’s take a look at three common taboos that lead to dry skin and alternatives to help your skin be smoother and softer.

Using Hot Water

Hot water actually strips oils from your skin which can result in dryness. Whenever possible use warm water, instead of hot water. If you’re thinking about a long hot bath or shower, think again. Limit your bath or shower to 5 – 10 minutes to avoid excessively drying out your skin.

Skipping Meals

drink waterIf you’re in the habit of skipping breakfast and / or lunch you’re missing out on key nutrients your body needs. When you’re body isn’t getting the nutrients needed to moisturize your skin it can cause your skin to lose elasticity and dry out. Reducing dry skin is also about eating good nutritious food. Include healthy fats and oils such as Avocado, flax seed and coconut oil to your diet. Foods high in Omega-3s, like fish, can also help provide nutrients that reduce inflammation and support healthy skin.

Not Drinking Enough Water

A symptom of dehydration is very dry skin. If you’re not drinking enough water through out the day it could be the cause of your irritation. This is very easy to fix. Drink more water. As a rule you should be consuming at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.


Dry, cracked skin can be uncomfortable and painful but with the proper care and nutrition it doesn’t have to be. To help maintain a healthy skin environment check out our Diabetic Foot Cream. It’s formulated with essential moisturizers, emollients and vitamins to restore and rejuvenate dry skin.