Terry Naturally CuraMed BCM-95 Curcumin 750 mg 120 Softgels


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  • Up to 700% Better Absorption; CuraMed is made with the most clinically studied, enhanced absorption curcumin in the world (BCM-95/Curcugreen)
  • Healthy inflammation response. It is up to 500x more powerful turmeric!
  • Supports liver & immune health

Product Description

CuraMed is the most clinically studied, enhanced absorption curcumin on the market, with 25 published studies demonstrating support for joints, mood, mental health, and pain relief. Safe and Effective; The combination of curcumin and turmeric essential oil in CuraMed supports liver, brain, heart, and immune health; CuraMed has a high antioxidant ORAC value and supports healthy inflammation response throughout the body. #1 Selling Brand; Join the ranks of satisfied CuraMed customers that make this a #1 selling brand year after year. The High Quality Difference; All Terry Naturally supplements are manufactured to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) set by the FDA and are produced with the highest quality ingredients

Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Terry Naturally CuraMed BCM-95 Curcumin 750 mg 120 Softgels

  1. A.Rao

    Let me start by saying, I am in no way affiliated with The company(s) that make or sell this product. That’s too bad actually because then I might be able to buy it at wholesale 🙁

    I have very serious psoriatic arthritis [rheumatoid arthritis with symmetrical plaque psoriasis]. I was diagnosed by a blood test in 2002 showing the TNF marker. Although, I didn’t need a blood test to tell me any of this, as I [at 42 years old] could not walk, dress myself, or even hold a tooth brush. All my joints [from my toes to my neck & jaw, spine] we severely swollen with an almost constant pain level of 9. My calves, forearms and scalp were covered with plaque psoriasis.

    After 2.5 years trying different medications, through my rheumatologist, that either didn’t work or, made me very sick [methotrexate] my insurance company finally okayed me for a biological med called Enbrel. A subcutaneous 25mg, 2x a week injection [done at home]. Cost to me, $30, cost to my ins.co. $1650 per month.

    After being on Enbrel [a protein of a hamster] for 4.5 years [it worked well for me but was less effective for the later year, maybe 70% effective] & worried about the cost to me after retirement [coming soon], I decided to begin looking for a natural remedy rather than to continue injecting myself with the protein of a foreign species. Again, Enbrel worked but I always saw it as a bridge.

    After 6 years of research, countless hundreds of hours, maybe thousands, reading, investigating all inflammatory diseases [MS, Crones, asthma, etc] I came across turmeric but, more importantly, BCM-95. Why was this so hard to find???

    I cannot believe this when I say it out loud but, it is fact. BCM-95 replaced, 100% replaced my Enbrel. No more shots and, after 468 shots to my thighs and stomach, that is a huge relief! Not to mention, being on Enbrel means I have a compromised immune system. Enbrel is an immune system suppressant, which creates its own problems I think you can figure out.

    I took 1 – 750mg CuraMed and in 1.5 hours all my inflammation was gone. That was day one. Months later, I take between 2 to 3 per day [ 1 every 12 hours or 1 every 8 hours depending on the severity of inflammation on any particular day]. It works and I feel great!!

    If you have any inflammation issues due to an out of control immune system, I urge you to spend the $60 and try it. The worst thing that can happen is you can cross off your list another natural remedy that didn’t do the job. If I had stopped looking for a natural remedy after buying 20 or 30 different herbs/spices, I never would have found BCM-95. Thank God, He made me like a little pit bull, like Shaun Alexander, hunkered down and pushing ever forward, never stopping, for any reason, until my goal was reached. Touchdown!

    A HUGH thank-you to all those that worked so hard [and finished organic chemistry] at EuroPharma!!!!!!

  2. New Dawn

    Wow! I read about the benefits of turmeric in “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter, MD – a neurologist and a nutritionist. I visited a heath foods store looking for turmeric and this was recommended. This CuraMed has curcumin which is an element of turmeric. One capsule of this strength is equivalent to 500 capsules of turmeric, a spice used in curry. Two weeks ago, I began taking this product. After only one week on this, taking one capsule a day, the swelling of my trigger finger was gone and I regained flexibility. It attacks inflammation throughout the body. No bad taste or after-taste. I also found online at The Mayo Clinic website that they are studying the benefits of turmeric in cancer prevention and treatment. I bought this bottle from Amazon to be sent to my son who also has trigger finger and carpal tunnel. I’m hoping he will benefit as much as I have.

  3. Megan

    I have arthritis in my hands and elbows making life very painful. Other medications irritate my stomach. This is the first thing to ease and almost completely get rid of my pain and stiffness with out making me feel sick. My only complaint is the pills are large but it’s worth it

  4. Robin L.

    First purchased at a health food store where Curamed was recommended to me for arthritis inflammation, stiffness and pain. The suggested dose by health advocate was three capsules a day. The supplement has really helped me – pain is gone – stiffness and inflammation much improved. Purchasing through Amazon is cheaper and convenient.

  5. Richard Spark-DePass

    CuraMed has changed my life. I had foot surgery for a bone spur a year ago and when the doctor went into my foot, he found really bad arthritis as well. I had been in quite a bit of pain for a long time. One day I decided to try CuraMed, and within a day, literally, I had no pain in my foot! I have now been using this product 3-4 pills of the CuraMed Extra Strength for over a year, and I can walk 5 miles a day with no pain. I am ecstatic. Yes, it’s expensive, but I can’t imagine my life without it at this point. A VERY happy camper.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Can’t say enough good about this product. I feel 98% better in every way possible. Digestion is better, aches and pains are less, better mood, more energy. I take two or three daily depending upon the type of activity I do. I am a 76 years old woman with a well-worn, over-worked, abused and neglected body. Curamed helps me do what I want to do physically with less pain and more smiles!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely will not be without this !! I was told I needed to have back surgery. I was in constant pain. After taking this twice a day for two months I suddenly realized I wasn’t in pain. Rarely have to take any ibuprofen and I never have to take anything stronger. It helps so much I start getting nervous when I start running low.

  8. Jody Chastain

    Just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for this product. My 18 yo daughter had been having horrible issues with Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for months. Topicals and thousands of dollars on prescription drugs couldn’t help. I stumbled upon this product and she started taking 2 capsules morning and 2 at night. I am thrilled to say that within 10 days she was pain free, swelling was gone, and the psoriasis was clear!!! Great product!!!!

  9. Rembrandt19

    Large but easy to swallow Soft Gels of turmeric extract – curcumin. Excellent anti-inflammatory to use for arthritis. Doesn’t hurt my stomach like naproxen. I take 2 per day – one morning and one at night.

  10. A Customer

    Terry Naturally CuraMed is the most expensive, but also the most effective Turmeric I have tried. Together with Black Cumin Seed Oil capsules by Health Thru Nutrition and True CMO, this combo is proving to be powerfully effective for my inflammation and pain. I’ve also started taking Oregano oil capsules to eliminate pathogens which may be causing the inflammation

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