Coromega Omega3 Squeeze Packets, Orange, 120-Count


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  • No fish taste or aftertaste
  • Full daily dose of omega-3
  • Gluten free and dairy free

Product Description

Coromega omega3 squeeze packets orange 120-count. A creamy flavored omega-3 supplement. All natural flavoring with no fish taste or aftertaste! A full daily dose of omega-3 in every pouch. The first omega-3 supplement beneficial to your taste buds! – each packet contains 650 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids – emulsified for better absorption and no fishy burps! – sugar free, gluten free and dairy free – no refrigeration required – best of all – delicious and no fishy taste

Customer Reviews

12 reviews for Coromega Omega3 Squeeze Packets, Orange, 120-Count

  1. ArganMom

    Excellent product! Adults and kids use this. Definitely works well! I definitely notice more brain fog if I don’t take this! Hair and nails grow wonderfully when used regularly. Behavior is better for kids, in my opinion! Highly recommend. Have been using for years. Price is amazing, especially when using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program! I would be so appreciative if you mark this review as helpful–thanks! 🙂

  2. Laura H.

    I love the taste and how convenient the little packets of gel are. Just squeeze into your mouth and go!. It was recommended by my eye specialist as the only form of omega 3 that combats dry eye. It is working! Delivery was speedy as always with Amazon. Very pleased with product!

  3. Karanta

    I use to take fish oil pills and everytime I burped, it smelled like raw fish at the local meat market. That awful taste stayed with me until I could go home and brush my teeth. So I stopped taking fish oil pills. Then my wife told me to try some fish oil and I gave her the death stare, lol. I told her I would drink a gallon of vinegar before taking fish oil again.

    She told me but it taste like an orange creamsicle. I said there’s no way it can taste good so against my better judgement, I gave it a try again. When it first hit my tongue, I thought this isn’t too bad. Once it was down, I didn’t even taste one trace of fish oil. But I knew a burp would come soon and when it did, there was no nasty fishy taste at all.

    So I bought an entire box of these and almost in need of another supply so this will be my go to brand from now on. Didn’t know any brand could mask the taste of fish oil so God must of answered my prayers

  4. Alisha L.

    I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins and have struggled most of my pregnancy to take my DHA/EPA supplements. I’m concerned with the type of fish oil supplement as fish oil can be tainted with all sorts of impurities. I feel that this brand is reputable, and I like the way they choose to make their supplement. I’m also intrigued by the science behind this particular one and the better absorption rate. If I’m going to cram pills (oh, wait, this is better than a pill) down my throat, I’d like to know it’s getting absorbed and utilized for my babies’ growth. I started these squeeze packets, in replacement of the gel capsules I had been taking, about 2 weeks ago. I really love them! The taste is NOT fishy. The orange flavor really is similar to a dreamcicle. I take it right before brushing my teeth at night, and I have NO issues with tasting it after taking it or burping that nasty fishy taste. Thanks, Coromega for a great supplement!!

  5. Jamie Kopczynski

    I was actively looking for a way to get my DHA/Omega-3’s without taking any more pills, and this was perfect! The flavor is strongly orange (which I like, maybe the tropical orange will be less strong), which absolutely hides any “fishy” flavor. It is very easy to just squeeze into my mouth, and other than taking a swig of water afterwords to help wash it down, it tastes just fine. Super convenient, I toss a few in my bag and if I forget to take in in the morning i’ll just take it at lunch without water. Great way to get the DHA I need to supplement my prenatal pills.

  6. smb4833

    I have noticed an added benefit from taking this fish oil. I am a diabetic with an allergy to insulin. I am taking four different meds but since I starting taking this type of fish oil, I have noticed my sugars have deceased considerably. After having dinner last night I checked my sugars two hours later and they were 118. Every morning, my sugars are about 123-128 daily. Previously, I was running in the 150’s in the AM. This fish oil is great and for me it has helped in more ways than one. LOVE, LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

  7. Keith Elsberry

    If you have not studied why you should be taking this everyday, then you are truly missing out. Immulsified fish oil is absorbed 300% better than capsule form, without any rancid fish burbs or fish taste at all. aeveryone should be taking this, if you are interested in your heart health!

  8. Darla C.

    I bought these little packets a couple of days ago. It has great flavor an no fishy after taste. Tastes like a coconut orange smoothie. I don’t even need water to take them so they are even more convenient. I have very low cholesterol, but my eye doctor suggested I take it to increase production of the Meibomian Glands (oil glands) in my eyes. So far so good. I tried to take the capsules, but they are too big to take. This was a great solution for me.

  9. Jessa

    I’m not a good pill taker, at all. I can barely get down small pills like ibuprofen without feeling like I’m going to choke. I’m sure it’s purely psychological but it affects my ability to take supplements like fish oil. Enter Coromega squeeze packs. These are awesome. Do they taste like candy? Eh, not really. Do they taste good enough to take every day? Yep! They’re easy to swallow, easy to use, and taste pretty good for fish oil! With these, I can get the same amount of Omega 3s as my husband who takes 2 large pills from Vitacost every day. Also, these have a good amount of EPA and DHA which are very important parts of fish oil. If you’re taking a fish oil supplement with low EPA and DHA numbers, you’re getting ripped off, in my opinion. If you don’t like or can’t take pills, this is a great way to get in your Omega 3s every day

  10. Emily

    I work in the holistic medical field. I have been looking for an alternative to fish oil supplements for myself and my clients. Most pills/capsules cause issues with acid reflux/GERD/and nasty after taste. This product is excellent, easy to take (even for children, if physician is consulted), and very affordable. I take it daily, as does my husband; this product is my go-to recommendation for clients as well.

  11. Julie Ross

    This is by far the best omega product I have tried (and I have tried a ton, as I live a very natural lifestyle). I primarily use this for my son. Most children’s omega products provide such a small dosage of omegas that they are ineffective. This provides a nice high dose (we give our son 2 packets a day for treatment of his ADHD). We do notice a difference when he is on this long term and when we miss several days. He loves the pineapple and the orange flavor. I have tried both and they are quite good, much better tasting and texture than other omega products we have tried.

  12. William Casey

    My wife got me started on this Omega3 supplement. I am a person that does not care for fishy taste. This one does not leave a fishy aftertaste. No problems with this product. Seems to do me well.

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