Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength, 60 Tablets


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  • Support inflammation response
  • Relieve occasional muscle pain
  • Powerful unique formula

Product Description

Curamin Extra Strength is a unique combination, which combines ingredients with multiple mechanisms of action to support a healthy inflammation response and relieve occasional muscle pain due to exercise and overuse.

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength, 60 Tablets

  1. Jayg

    My Wife started taking this last week after having severe back pain problems over the years. She has tried various types of conventional medicine as well as physical therapy, yoga etc and nothing appears to have worked for her severe pain especially at night and in the mornings. After taking this product for several days (2 pills in the morning), the pain appears to have gone immediately. She has been able to get a good night sleep and is able to wake up in the morning without any major problem. We are very happy to found this natural remedy for pain.I have also used this product from time to time when I have occasional pain and it has been helpful.

  2. Country Boy’s Can Survive!

    Works really well! My pain is reduced by 80% or more on some days. I also take their CuraMed Curcumin 750mg with it! The brand is trust worthy… I have been so happy with the results I have tried 5 of their other products & fins=d all their products to have been fully researched and does as they claim! I. trust this brand completely! I am not being paid or given free products for my eval & comments…But, if you guys see this and would like to help a poor sufferer out who is disabled…Please feel free to help out…. One other thing… I’;ve read in several places that the Pharma Industry ins had at work right now to have these CuraMed products removed from the market so we have to have a prescription to get the relief these products offer. I have been stocking up as my budget allows… I can’t begin to imagine what my life will be like If I have to start back on Opiod Treatment again! Wit these CuraMed Curcumin soft cells, I was able to slowly stop taking pain meds and get relief from these products!

  3. PJ

    If you are wondering if you should try this I can only say YES YES YES! I have suffered from tremendous aches and pains in my back for years. I broke several bones in my back in an auto accident and I was reconstructed by metal rods, plates and screws to rebuild my back. I was constantly taking pain pills which make me sick, very sick. Then a couple years ago I had a hip replaced. Since I couldn’t take the pain pills I started taking the extra strength curamin. Someone told me about it. Couldn’t lose anything by trying it. I started taking 3 in the morning and did this for almost a week or two. Within 4 days the pain almost was gone! Within 2 weeks I was walking without a cane! This was 3 years ago and I still take this every day but have cut down to two a day and feel great! I have arthritis in the other hip now and don’t want to get that one replaced so I will stay on this to keep the surgery away. I am 67 and still very active and thanks to Curamin, I can do a lot of physical activity and sleep good. Try it, its great! Some people may have to take 3 or 4 or more a day to start out and some now. Give it time and give it a chance!

  4. Amazon Customer

    I have been taking this product for a few years. I suffer from arthritis, stiffness, and fibromyalgia. This product has drastically reduced my pain and I rarely suffer from stiffness anymore. It will even help reduce my headaches! I personally take two a day, but occasionally take three. I suffer from no side effects!!! That’s the main benefit of this product. All the other pharmaceutical drugs caused me nothing but side effects. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  5. Conley

    On advice from others who have arthritis issues, i tried this for relief of most hand pain. I could tell the difference after one week, using these tablets as the dose suggests. I have continued to use this product. I recently had complete blood panel done and my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were the lowest they have been in years. My blood pressure also dropped. Nothing else in my life has changed, so i attribute some of it to this product. I have noticed no side effects except i sleep more soundly, which is a good side effect. Probably the lower blood pressure.

  6. Carole Martin

    Can’t believe this all natural product with no side effects works as good or better than all the nasty pain pills and their terrible side effects. I have given samples to a number of people with all levels of pain and they loved it. Try it, you will love it, too.


    My wife’s been using this to help with knee pain for the better part of a couple of months, and it’s made a huge difference. No, it’s not going to replace medicines you might take for pain, but it supplements them very well and has helped with joint pain she was experiencing.

    It’s not cheap, but it’s effective, and that’s the key thing.

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