Showers are great, aren’t they? You can practice for “America’s Got Talent”,  solve the world’s problems and get clean all at the same time.  On top of that, showers are fantastic for your health. What you might not know is there are different benefits available to you based on whether you like to take a hot shower or a cold one.

Health Benefits of a Hot Shower

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot shower? It can be very relaxing and healthy!

Improves Your Skin

Shower Benefits Complexion Hot showers are great for your skin because the heat causes your pores to open up. Your pores do this naturally to help the body cool down. When your pores open they allow the water to wash away irritants, toxins and other dirt particles you pick up through out the day. A hot shower will help you maintain a clean, clear complexion.

Can Help Reduce Stress

A hot shower can help you relax and reduce stress. After a long, busy day, a nice hot shower relaxes tense muscles and calms frayed nerves. Because relaxing in a hot shower can lower your stress levels it’s excellent for your physical and mental well being.

Can Help Reduce Pain

If you have sore muscles a hot shower might help. The heat can help increase blood flow, ease the discomfort of stiff joints, relax sore muscles, and provide soothing comfort.

Can Help Ease Cold Symptoms

Got the sniffles? A hot shower might be just what the doctor ordered. It can help you breathe easier if  you’re stuffy and congested. Breathing in the steam from a hot shower can also soothe coughs and chest congestion too.

Can Help Reduce Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping trying taking a short, hot shower before bed. When you come out of a hot shower and into a cool bedroom your body temperature will drop, signaling your body that it’s time to rest.

Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

There are many cultures around the world where cold showers are the norm. These cultures are well aware of the health benefits gained by taking an invigorating, cold shower. There’s also a pretty strong movement here in the US and people who promote the amazing health benefits of keeping your shower cold.

Helps Improves Your Mood

Yes, believe it or not taking a cold shower IMPROVES your mood. Based on a rush of adrenaline and increased blood flow you’ll feel energized after a cold shower. Starting your day with a cold shower can be physically invigorating, make you feel alive, and put you in a fantastic mood.

Can Strengthen Your Immune System

[1]Studies have shown that regular cold showers increases your number of disease-fighting white blood cells. Additionally, as the body works to warm itself your metabolic rate speeds up and activates your immune system.

Boosts Metabolism and Fat Burning

[2] Taking a cold shower can increase your metabolism and assist in fat burning. Brown fat helps to fight obesity, protects you from the effects of aging and can reduce your risk of developing degenerative disease. Because brown fat also helps the body produce heat, people who take cold showers on a regular basis produce more brown fat.

How to Take a Cold Shower

How to take a cold showerIf you’re interested in trying cold showers but don’t know how to start there are several different techniques you can try to “warm up” to the idea.

  1. Finish with Cold Water: This technique advocates taking your normal hot shower but finishing with a cold water rinse. To acclimate your body to the idea of showering in cold water you’ll slowly increase the amount of time you’re able to shower cold vs hot. Less time in your normal hot shower and more time in the cold water rinse.
  2. Turn Down the Heat: Lower the water temperature in your showers gradually, over a short period of time, to give your body the chance to adjust.
  3. Jump Right In: Here’s another interesting approach….just do it! This article talks about why you should embrace the idea of just switching to a cold shower:  How to Take a Cold Shower.


Whether you take hot or cold showers may depend on the types of health benefits you’re interested in experiencing.  If you’re interested in taking cold showers Dr. Mercola provides the following advice: Taking a cold shower…

“…will shock your body to some degree so you need to make sure the water is not too cold, and that you do not stay in it for too long. As always, listen to your body and work up to the more advanced ice-therapy techniques gradually.”

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Are you interested in taking cold showers or do find more health benefits from hot showers? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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