Europharma/Terry Naturally Adaptra 60 Capsules -2 Pack


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  • Sharpen Focus and Concentration
  • Promote Healthy Adrenal Function
  • Strengthen Physical Performance

Product Description

Adaptra® is a potent, herbal adaptogen formula that fights stress and strengthens the body from within. It combines two traditional and powerful botanicals that support a balanced response to physical and emotional stress throughout the day.* This amazing all-herbal formula provides the key compounds from extracts of Ashwagandha and Rhodiola that help you meet everyday challenges: Maximize Energy Relieve Occasional Stress Sharpen Concentration Enhance Physical Performance Promote Muscle Tone and Strength Enhance Sexual Function Support Healthy Adrenal Function

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4 reviews for Europharma/Terry Naturally Adaptra 60 Capsules -2 Pack

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