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Product Description

Synflex for Pets is a liquid glucosamine formula for arthritis in pets. Liquid Glucosamine is clinically proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia in pets. However, most Glucosamine products on the market today come in pill or capsule form which is not absorbed well by the body of pets or humans. Synflex For Pets on the other hand, uses pharmaceutical quality liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL for a full 80%-85% absorption rate giving maximum bioavailability and quicker relief.

Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Synflex Beef Flavored Liquid Glucosamine For Pets

  1. Mariya

    This formula has made a significant improvement on my dog’s life. Prior to taking it she was limping all the time and could barely get up because of her stiff achy joints.We tried going to the vet several times and they only prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers–both of which only cover up the problem. I did EXTENSIVE research before coming across this product, and after reading the reviews I gave it a shot. Two weeks into the treatment, my dog has completely transformed. She can now walk comfortably and even run. (She’s 12 Cairn Terrier). I’m so happy to see her back to her normal happy self, thank you SO much Synflex…you’ve given my dog her life back!

  2. Claire Richardson

    Cant say enough about this product. I’ve had my arthritic cat on the stuff for over 10 years. I give it by syringe in her mouth, as she doesn’t eat a wet food I can put it on. she’s 11 pounds, and gets 1.1cc/ml once a day. She also has f.l.u.t.d.(feline lower urinary tract disease). the glucosamine in synflex causes the bladder to make the enzyme needed to coat the bladder to keep from being irritated by any residual crystals. works great. Vets should use this stuff instead of the horse sized pills they try to get you to buy. imagine a cat with a large pill. not. Or, injections. Not going to have my cat go thru that ever. Synflex great alternative and is safe. It also is loaded with omega 3s/fatty acids. great overall product. my cat is 15 now, and going strong and healthy.
    You can get the synflex online at their website too. free shipping also. I’ve also recommended it to several dog owners, and they swear by the stuff for their dogs. Remember that the prescription stuff for arthritis in dogs causes cataracts. Vets should tell dog owners that. So give synflex instead of the prescription stuff.

  3. Sharon

    My cat fell and ended up with a slipped disc near the base of her tail. She couldn’t use her back legs for a few days and was in a great deal of pain and on prescription pain meds for about a month. I tried the Cosequin capsuls with powder and my cat refused the food on the 3rd day because of the Cosequin powder. It didn’t matter how it was mixed into the food, she refused to eat the food. My other cat refused her Cosequin spiked food from day one and wouldn’t even taste it. Once I switched them to the liquid, my injured cat took to it and eats it every time I give it to her. I started her out with a daily dose for a month or two and then cut back to every other day and then every 3rd day. Her limp starts back on the 3rd day and we have since settled on an every other day 1/16th teaspoon dose. I poor it into the center of Wellness chicken food mixed with water and cover the Syn-flex with enough food that she doesn’t see it. She consumes it every time. My other cat refuses food with Syn-flex it it so hopefully, she will never need it.

    I did find that the daily dose of Syn-flex caused my cat’s stool to be too soft, another reason I cut back to every other day. I was concerned it was upsetting her stomach.

    She is now back to running and jumping and will be on this for this rest of her life because of the remarkable improvement.

    One thing to note, one bottle will last months! I personally would recommend buying only one bottle at a time for your animal so you will not end up with expired product.

  4. Rosemary

    Ordered this because my 13 year old Shepard mix needed help getting up from laying down and could no longer jump up on a sofa or into the truck she would also stumble often while walking. My concern for her enticed me to give her double dose. 1 full dose in the a.m. and 1 full dose in the p.m. In less than a week she could get up from a laying position on her own with out struggling and seems pain free in doing so, she no longer stumbles while walking, she can get up onto a sofa on her own but, she still needs help getting into the truck (needs help is better than me having to pick her up and put her in as I did before the Syn-flex). We are so very grateful this has been so helpful to her. We now give her 1/2 dose in the a.m. and 1/2 dose in the p.m. Just the way I like to do things. Thanks Syn-flex for your product.

  5. Diane Carrizo

    I have an 8 yr old Lab/Shep that hurt his right knee on the ice last March. Recovery was slow and he struggled with stairs and of course, could not run. I have seen a drastic improvement over the past 8 months using Syn-flex! He runs, doesn’t limp and gets up a lot quicker after laying down for a long period of time. We don’t let him jump off anything anymore and I ramp trained him for the car. Normal procedure for a Knee injury even with us humans. I would absolutely recommend this formula ! It doesn’t upset his tummy and apparently doesn’t ruin the taste of his dry food. An added PLUS is that it is a little less expensive than the other top “flx” brand!! One bottle lasts more than a month, for sure. Great product!!

  6. High Desert Homestead

    We have a rescue dog that was malnourished as a young pup. Due to this, he developed some issues with his hips at only a year old. Because we didn’t want to go the route of strong pain meds with such a young dog, we decided to give this a try first.

    Before trying this product, our pup was very stiff. He had difficult getting up after laying down. Our very playful puppy didn’t really want to play. He would sit down – a lot. Running and walking were difficult.

    After taking a double dose of this for a few days, we started to see real improvement. He was able to get up without much difficulty, and he was more active.

    After taking this daily for a couple of weeks, he was almost back to his pre-pain self. He was even able to jump on the bed again.

    The real test was this past week when we headed to our cabin. We were a bit nervous when he decided to join is furry brother in a fast-paced game of catch as previously this meant that he’d been struggling to move within a couple of hours of playing. We were thrilled to see that he had no soreness or difficulty moving after the play session. He was running around and playing with no difficulties. He was even chasing around birds and rabbits with ease.

    After seeing the results of taking it for a month, we have decided to continue to have him take it. He’s not thrilled with the taste, but I think he knows that it helps him as he eats his food anyway. (We just pour the needed amount over his dry food in the morning.) We have our happy puppy back.

  7. Negis

    I have a recomendation for this product to be used on my Old Labrador, we are been suffering watch him limping every time he walks, and non of the prescription from the Vets work on him; through my job I meet this person who used to work with pets and she recommended to me, Have to says is AMAZING!! my Dog walks almost perfect just 1 week using the product and He plays and be around us like nothing bothers him, we are truly
    thankful for this Synflex ??????????

  8. The Tompanman Gnome

    My 11 year old German Shepherd was showing signs of either hip displasia or arthritis. I started her on this 4 months ago, and included tumeric and omegas in her food which I make myself. Within 3 weeks, the limping when she got up was gone. She has improved greatly. I cannot say if it is the synflex alone, but I can tell you that I do feel it is, at the very least, a vital component in her massive improvement. I will continue to get this product.

  9. jeepthing

    We have an AMAZING 5 year old black lab rescue dog that was found run over as a pup and has had 3 hip/knee surgeries so far in the 4 1/2 years since we adopted him. I have been giving him Glucosamine, fish oil and Vitamin C and watching his weight. Occasionally he would need baby aspirin if visibly sore. Over the past winter and spring he began limping terribly, wincing in pain constantly, having difficulty walking (summer deep water swimming and daily leash walking are his only exercise) and was on Metacam every day. I wanted to try to wean him from the Metacam to a more natural form of medicine because he is so young. I tried Synflex and cannot tell you how grateful I am for it (and all the reviews that swayed my decision to try it). Since being on a daily dose for over 6 months now (in addition to maintaining the cod liver oil and Vitamin C I have always given him) he is doing fantastic. He has not received one dose of Metacam for at least a month! That is extraordinary for him. He is happy, bouncy, no limp whatsoever and back to his young self 🙂 Priceless.

  10. AvidReader

    This product has done wonders for my two elderly dogs, as well as my 1-year-old. The product works especially well for my oldest dog, who has severe arthritis. He is trotting around the house and outside as I imagine he must have done at a much younger age (he was a rescue later in life). I started my youngest on this product as a preventative measure. Even with three dogs, the bottle has lasted us for over two months – a great value that, even more importantly, helps my furbabies.

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