Oceanic Naturals Tidal Greens Multi-Nutrient Seaweed Blend 90 Caps


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  • Supports Healthy Thyroid Function
  • Supports Healthy Immune System
  • May Increase Energy

Product Description

Scientists have recently concluded that sea vegetables offer perhaps the broadest range of minerals of any food found on earth. Western cultures are only recently beginning to discover the nutritional value of sea vegetables which have remained the foundation of the Japanese diet for centuries. In fact, sea vegetables contain virtually all the nutrients found in the ocean and the very same minerals found in human blood. Tidal Greens is a potent multi-nutrient seaweed blend containing a select group of edible brown seaweeds, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. We believe that our oceans are indeed the most promising source of natural solutions for today’s top health concerns.

Customer Reviews

12 reviews for Oceanic Naturals Tidal Greens Multi-Nutrient Seaweed Blend 90 Caps

  1. Amazon Customer

    Saw a huge improvement in my energy, especially throughout a tough workout. Great product. Shipped much faster than anticipated. I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling sluggish.

  2. HLT

    I ordered these for my Aunt ,she heard a radio program about them. Started taking them 2 days ago , she said they are giving her more energy, and she feels better over all.

  3. Nancy Shank

    Arrived quickly and as promised.

  4. Joseph W. Foster, Sr.

    Great product great service.

  5. Steph

    Love this product! Will defiantly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel energized. Shipped fast!

  6. Jennifer Rose

    I bought this for my stepdad he loves it!

  7. Mary S

    Thanks for the energy Tidal Greens! Great product .

  8. MDW

    Never tried it before looking for the good joo joo the radio is saying

  9. Amazon Customer

    very nice, makes me feel great

  10. Jessica Bailey

    I was feeling sluggish and not my best. I found Tidal Greens and decided to try them. They seemed safe (they are just seaweed). I really feel the difference when I take this. I’m starting to feel more like myself! The shipping is super fast. The product came much faster than I was expecting! A win in my book!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Tidal greens gave me lots of energy and I am no longer taking thyroid medicine.

  12. Sherry Granader

    Tidal Greens is one of the best formulas I have ever used – it gives me consistent energy and is power-packed with nutrients made from seaweed that grows 3 feet per day. Plus, when my husband is on Tidal Greens, he does not experience gout. You can’t beat it!

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