Coromega Tropical Orange Omega 3 & D Squeeze


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  • 650mg of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Emulsified for better absorption
  • Delicious and no fishy taste

Product Description

A creamy flavored omega-3 supplement. All natural flavoring with no fish taste or aftertaste! A full daily dose of omega-3 in every pouch. The first omega-3 supplement beneficial to your taste buds! – each packet contains 650 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids – emulsified for better absorption and no fishy burps! – sugar free, gluten free and dairy free – no refrigeration required – best of all – delicious and no fishy taste

Customer Reviews

13 reviews for Coromega Tropical Orange Omega 3 & D Squeeze

  1. Emily

    I work in the holistic medical field. I have been looking for an alternative to fish oil supplements for myself and my clients. Most pills/capsules cause issues with acid reflux/GERD/and nasty after taste. This product is excellent, easy to take (even for children, if physician is consulted), and very affordable. I take it daily, as does my husband; this product is my go-to recommendation for clients as well.

  2. J. Condrey

    I have used this product for years now. It is by far the best way to consume Omega 3s on a daily basis! Each dose is contained in a tiny packet (no pills or measuring), and is a delicious orange cream flavor. It honestly tastes like an orange Dreamsicle! Absolutely no fishy taste or smell, and I have not gotten tired of the flavor after all these years. I am pretty sure Amazon offers a sample of this – definitely give it a try!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Decided on this after seeing the low amounts of DHA in gummies. I split the packet between my two girls every day. If you can’t swallow pills (like my 3 and 6 year old) this is a great option! They love the taste too!

  4. Konadreamer

    Pretty tough to beat the price on this! The 90 pack at our local nutrition store cost just a few dollars less, but with this you get 33% more! Fantastic value!

    I like the product because it doesn’t taste bad like fish oil, rather tastes like an Orange Crush! Unlike fish oil capsules, this product is per-emulsified which greatly enhances intestinal absorption helping you get even more bang for your buck. It’s always nice to have some good clinical trials to back up the claim this product makes for 300% better absorption. I also take my CoQ10 with this so that it also absorbs better.

    I love the packaging because I can just throw it in my back pack and take it with me to work without having to have a pill case. They tear open easily, then you just squeeze them into your mouth and enjoy a nice, sweet orange flavor. I’m sure kids would love the taste, too!

    It you haven’t bought this product, you don’t know what you’re missing! Great value, great taste, excellent absorption!! Buy it right now!!

  5. Misty G.

    I didn’t realize this was “tropical” orange when I bought it. The flavor is a bit different from regular orange, but fine. My son & I use Coromega to keep our eczema in check. Our skin is soft and healthy when we take Coromega regularly, although that is a difficult fight with the added cold weather of winter. I loved that this product had added Vitamin D, which many people are deficient in, and winter is an especially tough time for our bodys to make enough Vitamin D with shorter hours of sunshine. The price here on Amazon is comparable to other online sites that sell Coromega for a low price. Very pleased with this product.

  6. Granny Annie

    Before I take one of these, I squish it around in the little packet to be sure it’s will mixed. Always tastes yummy! I love it! I tried a sample to find that out and then came back and bought.

  7. Pat

    This product was recommended to me by a friend to help with my daily supplemental requirements. I haven’t taken it long enough to know if it has had the impact expected.

  8. mk

    I can FINALLY get the Omega-3 I need without those huge fish oil pills (which I can’t swallow). The product is tasty and so easy to take.

  9. Donna McMurtry

    These taste delicious and help my household maintain good fat levels, mood and brain health. They also help fight acne for my teenagers. Great supplement!

  10. Randall L. Warburton

    They taste good and easy to use. My doctor recommended that I use them. ( 1 packet per day)
    My wife also uses them.
    I will reorder.

  11. AshleyR2452

    Great Omega option. There is some fishy taste but that is to be expected. That said, the orange flavor masks it pretty well and it goes down smooth with a drink of something afterwards. I also love the added vitamin D3.

  12. Gabby

    Finally, a tolerable fish oil supplement with no aftertaste or fishy burps! Don’t get me wrong, you can still smell the fish oil when you open the bag and tear open the packets. So as long as you can tolerate the smell, the rest is nice and easy. Its the first time I haven’t had to re-experience the supplement all day long.

  13. JaniceW

    I have used Coromega for many years. It contains Omega 3 and also Vit. D3. This is a small packet of an orange pudding-like envelope and taste quite good. It does not have that “fishy” taste that many huge Omega pills contain and you do not have the after taste that these pills also contain. You can use it when traveling also, as it is a small envelope and fits in pocket book or luggage easily.

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