Synflex Liquid Glucosamine Original Formula – 8 fl. oz

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(11 customer reviews)
  • Promotes joint health
  • Quality liquid glucosamine sulfate
  • Great Berry Flavor

Product Description

While most glucosamine supplements available today are in capsule or pill form, the liquid glucosamine found in Syn-flex provides better absorption, promotes joint health and makes it one of the best joint supplements available.

Customer Reviews

11 reviews for Synflex Liquid Glucosamine Original Formula – 8 fl. oz

  1. Dawn

    I bought this for my daughter who has been having pain in her leg joints. After a week she doesn’t feel the pain she had before. I recommend this.

  2. Mary J. Matlock

    Bought this on recommendation of a fellow Westie owner. Worked well for our 13 yr Westie who has arthritis. Liquid is absorbed faster that pills or powders & he didn’t throw it up. It’s not a cure all,but does give him some relief and better mobility.

  3. Vladn

    My wife likes it.

  4. Janet A Sambucetti

    This has helped my foot and ankle where there is degradation of the cartilage and some arthritic conditions. I stopped using it when I traveled as I didn’t want to carry it around but I noticed the difference between no pain and lots of pain just stopping it for a month. When I resumed using it, the problems again went away.



  6. luu


  7. C. M.Zacek

    Kitty acts like a new kitty….he’s 15 years old!! IF YOU HAVE PETS—BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! My cat is in great shape because of this!

  8. CrazyHorseLady

    I had, in my teen years, WAY over-exercised and my knee and hip joints really started hurting in my 20’s. I sometimes had to fall out of bed to get out of it. I wish I could remember how I learned about Synflex–it wasn’t an advertisement. I started taking it, in any case, and WOW I can’t tell you how much better I felt. I don’t always take it consistently these days (I’m 42 now) but I still have no pain. I gave my mom some for her fingers, which are starting to go crooked, and they helped her, too.

    The biggest story, though, is about my beagle. She is 9 years old, and had been having seizures and accidents in the house for a year. One day she could hardly walk at all, and for the next few days she barely moved. I made the decision to euthanize her poor little sweet self so she wouldn’t have to suffer. It was the weekend, so it would have to wait until Monday. In the meantime, I went ahead and researched beagles online.

    Found out that dogs in general can have seizures when they are in tremendous pain. Seizures don’t necessarily have to be caused by brain and nerve troubles. I decided I would give my dog Synflex (beef flavor smells like vomit but she loves it), along with some fish oil that I ordered from *Drs. Foster & Smith*, and in a few days I had a beagle PUPPY, not a 9-year old dog! She started jumping on people like she did years ago (bad dog) and running out the front door like when she was younger (bad dog) — I don’t like her doing these things, but the fact that she is able to is so exciting.

    No more seizures, no more accidents in the house at all, and no more pain. People, please try this before putting your dog down. Sure wish I would have thought of it when I had my Doberman.

    Try it for your own body — it just works. I recommend taking Carlson Salmon Oil liquid-caps with it daily. Your joints will thank you.

  9. Travels With Dogs

    I bought the Synflex product (beef-flavored for canines) for my 9 year old arthritic Golden Retriever and while I was at it, purchased Synflex 1500 for myself. We both took double the dose as recommended for the first two weeks. The results after only a couple of weeks for both of us were incredible. Hayden (the dog) showed more energy and less pain in getting up and laying down. He now plays and runs and keeps up with his housemate Golden (5 years of age). I was going to the chiropractor once every three weeks to adjust for pain in my lower back. I now go every four months. My joint flexibility has greatly improved. I can now put on my socks without having to help pull my leg up with my hand. I can bend over to pick up things without groaning with pain. While not all my lower back pain is gone, it is greatly diminished. I sleep on my side at night for hours without my hip hurting from the pressure (that might also be due to switching to a memory foam mattress… :-). I am in my early 60s and these small things translate to improved quality of life. I have been taking Synflex with Hayden for 8 months and intend to continue. I’ve started my 5-year old Golden on the canine product as well due to hip and knee arthritis issues. So we are becoming a Synflex family! The handy measuring bottle makes it easy to squeeze up the amount needed to take and the orange flavor is not bad–a sip of water after taking a tablespoon leaves no after taste. This liquid formula is far superior to glucosamine pills which both the dog and I were taking for years. No comparison to positive effect. Well worth the investment.

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