Europharma Pomegranate Seed Oil -60 Softgels


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  • Delivers crucial fatty acid
  • Antioxidant & cell-protecting power
  • Supports breast & prostate cellular

Product Description

Pomegranate Seed Oil provides punicic acid an (omega-5) fatty acid missing from many diets. The only known botanical source of this crucial fatty acid is pomegranate seed oil. Combined with the high antioxidant value from pomegranate fruit polyphenols, Pomegranate Seed Oil provides a unique and convenient combination.* Cell Protecting Power with TWO types of extract: Pomegranate Seed Oil contains two types of pomegranate extract. It combines a supercritical extraction of the oil of the seed, which is rich in omega-5 punicic acid which is blended with a polyphenol-rich fruit extraction for double the benefits. This unique combination is what makes Pomegranate Seed Oil able to support a variety of health concerns.*

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Europharma Pomegranate Seed Oil -60 Softgels

  1. Bentleybabee

    I never used these before but I researched them and one of there benefit is that it good for wrinkles and cell rejuvenation from sun damage and that helps with a healthier skin ..So I was sold immediately I take the lipoic Acid pills also that focusing on wrinkles and complexion also.. Love them

  2. Maureen Kessels

    I just started taking this product for my breast. I had breast surgery in 2014 and I have calcification in both breast, in the scar tissue. I’m trying to prevent breast cancer.

  3. Lisa Griffin

    Love this supplement and all that it is reported to do. I take it everyday and will continue to buy.

  4. Rebecca Lesauskas

    I bought this PomXtra so I could help take care of my arteries and heart. Pomegranates are high in Omega 5 which our body needs and it is a very powerful anti oxidant. These soft-gels will take care of your omega 5 needs. They contain the oil from the seeds which is shown to help lower cholesterol and protect the heart and arteries. I am taking them every day and am going to order more. Very easy to swallow and no after taste or belching. They work good for me.

  5. Joey k.

    Excellent product

  6. AlaskaLady

    Like these!

  7. Nancy

    The shipment was prompt and the product is great.

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