Terry Naturally Curamin Safe Effective Pain Relief with BCM95 Curcumin


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  • Reliable, & effective pain reliefâ€
  • Enhanced absorption
  • Supports healthy circulation

Product Description

This special curcumin has been proven in published clinical studies to provide consistent and long-lasting effects. The impact of boswellia is enhanced by reducing undesirable beta-boswellic acid and providing up to 10 times the amount of AKBA – its most beneficial compound – found in unstandardized boswellia extracts. DLPA supports healthy activity of endorphins and enkephalins, and nattokinase helps healthy circulation an important feature for proper nutrient delivery and effectiveness.*

Customer Reviews

18 reviews for Terry Naturally Curamin Safe Effective Pain Relief with BCM95 Curcumin

  1. George B.

    Took it for a couple of week before judging it. Notice a reduction in pain and inflammation. Will re-order. Thanks

  2. Coffee Lover

    My pharmacist recommended this as an alternative to ibuprofen or aspirin for joint pain (specifically back pain).. I was skeptical but it does help. It doesn’t seem to cause as much heartburn as some of the other turmeric I’ve tried either. Actually, very little heartburn.

  3. bookworm

    helped with pain

  4. Honest Abe

    Good stuff. Taken when needed for soreness.

  5. Marilyn Shore

    makes a difference. had my doubts.

  6. Virginia28

    Fabulous product

  7. buttercup

    Works very well for reducing inflammation in the body and joints.


    This product really helped alleviate my pain and lymph node swellings.

  9. Dorothy Chouinard

    I am surprised how well this works being all natural.

  10. Amazon Customer

    This is one terrific product. I found it at my local health store some time ago and was delighted when I discovered it at a lesser price with Amazon. I have told many friends and family about it and I see they are using it and are also pleased. Thank you for helping me .

  11. Pinky Lew

    Arrived on time and some how it doesn’t make best probiotic list but it has more and stronger ingredients and works better than those on best supplement list. I have tired most of them.

  12. Yvonne R. Mcnaughton

    I am on long term antibiotics and needed something to protect my gut. This product is fabulous! I feel great!

  13. Sophie

    Definitely works!!!

  14. Cyberlibrarian

    Arrived on time. Great product.

  15. Christie H.

    This helped me so much.

  16. Raney

    Love the product but dislike the packaging.

  17. William PotterKindle Customer

    Product & service are excellent

  18. Gale Armstrong


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