Synflex 1500 – Liquid Glucosamine Formula – 8 fl. oz


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  • Superior absorption formula
  • Promotes joint health
  • Great tasting Mandarin Orange flavor

Product Description

While most glucosamine supplements available today are in capsule or pill form, the liquid glucosamine found in Syn-flex provides better absorption, promotes joint health and makes it one of the best joint supplements available.

Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Synflex 1500 – Liquid Glucosamine Formula – 8 fl. oz

  1. kc carpenter

    This is a product I’m very familiar with I’ve been buying this product probably for about 7 or 8 years from manufacturer out of Florida not only do I buy it for myself they have one that is for your pets and I have a dog with arthritis and it helps her so much she does not even limp went when she’s on it. They have something that’s not advertised on here but it comes in a bottle and it’s a rolling like a deodorant it’s not a deterrent it’s a pain reliever It’s called Power Plus awesome product totally totally a great product by it. These people are awesome folks I was a Racecar Driver and that used to send me Power Plus the roll on from my knees and service you can’t beat it you order it and share the next day almost I’ll continue to buy their stuff it’s a little expensive a little pricey but you know I guess it’s the cost of doing business.

  2. P. Graham

    I’ve used this for treating arthritis in my shoulders and the pet formula for arthritis in my dog’s hips. Works great. One sister used this because the arthritis in her hand wouldn’t even let her uncurl her fingers. She said she could tell anyone this works. Another sister and I used it when we were training for a marathon. Really helped us avoid aches and pain others mentioned. The dog formula is helping her German Shepherd’s hip dysplasia. Double up dose for first 10 days. It says it doesn’t have adverse reaction with other medications.

    There’s an original formula that’s okay to be used by humans or pets. The pet formula is the same, just with beef flavor. The 1500 has extra glucosamine, and it’s only for humans because it also contains while willow bark, a natural pain reliever that’s not recommended for pets. I believe the original site is It gives a LOT of information there. After ordering this one bottle lately from Amazon, I ordered 3 more from another site to get a quantity discount. I don’t want to run out. I was having to go to the chiropractor with minor (compared to most people) pain in my neck that would turn into a headache as well. My lower back hurt when I first woke up. I started taking this, and both felt better! I also noticed I didn’t have the usual aches and pains after doing a new/hard workout that my friend had. She’s getting 3 bottles, too! (We used D&D Enterprises to get free shipping and a break on the price – USPS damaged the box so badly one bottle got crimped, and it leaked. They’re replacing it, so good customer service.)

  3. Margie

    This stuff is really working for my knees! When I started working out regularly last year, my knees were killing me during and after my Zumba and especially after my West African classes & boot camp. My boot camp instructor told me to start taking glucosamine. I’d read that taking it in liquid form helped it absorb into the body faster, so I came to my trusty, reliable to find some. I am now on my second bottle and I am a customer for life. My knees are much, much better and my range of motion has increased significantly. No more creaking knees! Great product!!!

  4. Mary J. Matlock

    Bought this on recommendation of a fellow Westie owner when our 12 year old Westie started suffering with arthritis. She said she had used the human formula on her dog with good results. No need to buy canine formula. Liquid absorbs faster than powders or pills. Also, no allergic reaction like we experienced with at least one powered formula. While the dog is not leaping around, he has some relief from pain.

  5. Meadowmaker

    I am a review maniac- that is I don’t buy before I read all the dirt. This works period. I don’t care what the scientific put downs of this product say. When I’m out of it my wrists hurt, when I have it I don’t even think about my wrists. So there

  6. Angel

    Works great for pets and people! Gave my poodle a lot of life before he passed away…be careful because it will give them the zoomies sometimes :). It has ingredients in it that regrow cartilage and help with inflammation and pain. I believe it is the yucca that helps with pain. I would be open to trying other products but gel/liquid vitamins tend to work faster.

  7. healthynhappy

    My husband has had bone on bone arthritis for over 25 years and had a knee replacement recommended in 1991. Taking syflex allows him to be mostly pain free and he can really tell a difference when he runs out. We have used this product for years and will continue to do so because it makes a noticeable difference for him.

  8. GalwayGirl

    I’ve tried various Glucosamine supplements over the years for my wonky, arthritic knees. Faithfully took each one at least three months to see if that particular brand would work for me. Some did a little, most not at all. Synflex was a revelation. Within a week I noticed a difference; and I haven’t looked back since. This stuff works, pure and simple. (If you order from their website you can order 3 bottles and get $10 off.)

  9. SocratesinLove

    I’ve used this in the past and it stopped a painful right knee. Started using it again, 15 years later, and it seems to be helping all the aches and pains that come with age.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used this product off and on over the years… Bought it originally because liquid form just seemed to make more sense and the price was fair compared to other products with decent reviews… My knees are my primary concern… I bought a few bottles, then stopped because my knees didn’t hurt any more… Month’s would pass and the aches would start coming back, I’d order a few bottles and then stop… Well, the aches are coming back again and so did I… Just ordered 3 bottles… For me, this stuff seems to work pretty well…

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