Mother Nature is a powerful force. Despite our best efforts to cling to summer forever, she carries on with persistency season after season, year after year. Left with no choice but to adapt, we have the opportunity to work with nature’s rhythm, rather than against, and transition ourselves right along with the seasons. In doing so mindfully, we may notice subtle shifts in our physical bodies, our moods, and our energy. Adapting to these shifts may also mean a change in our wellness routine. As we approach autumn, here are a few ways to adjust our seasonal self-care rituals and create a more easeful transition to fall.

  • Eat Seasonally

While summer may have you craving fresh watermelon, crispy snap peas, and ice-cold water; fall’s bounty features soul-warming foods. A cold glass of water is traded for a hot mug of bone broth. Fresh salads are replaced by root vegetable stews. Al fresco dining moves indoors for a cozy meal by the fire. 

  • Rise with the Sun

Who would we be to miss out on a single moment of sunshine during the summer? Of course, we relish in the long days, the early mornings, and the slow moonrise. However, when the days become shorter and nights becomes longer, it is natures way of giving us permission to catch up on our rest. Take advantage of it and catch some extra z’s this fall.

  • Take your Vitamins

Fall brings about so many wonderful gifts – colorful foliage, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything. Unfortunately, it also means the start of cold season. This time of year, we want to be sure our immune system is firing on all cylinders. Vitamins and supplements may be very beneficial in ensuring we continue to feel our best as the weather turns. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any new vitamins or supplements you plan to add to your self-care routine before you begin. 

  • Keep Moving

While summer beckons you off the treadmill and on to the trail, it can be easy to “fall off” your movement routine when the weather turns. Autumn is a prime opportunity to try a new group exercise class, re-join your local gym, or purchase the at home exercise equipment you’ve been eyeing. However you decide to keep moving come fall, the important thing is that you do. 

  • Moisturize

Oh, summer glow – why can’t you stay forever? Keep it hanging on for as long as possible by maintaining hydrated skin. This means drinking plenty of water and consider adding a potent daily moisturizer to your skincare routine. 

With our seasonal self-care routine fall-ready – it’s time to bust out our coziest sweater, curl up by the fire with, and watch the leaves turn.