sleep like a baby on your left sideYou know how important sleep is for your health but were you aware that your sleep position makes a big difference too? Chances are you’ve been dialing in your sleep position since you were a baby. Whether you currently sleep on your back, stomach or right side you may want to consider going left, especially, if you aren’t sleeping as well as you used to.

Left side sleepers report less heart burn, better digestion and reduced back pain. All of which can help you get a better night’s sleep too! In addition, sleeping on your left may help improve your circulation, and  boost your lymphatic system which helps your body remove toxins, waste and other unwanted materials while you sleep.

You may be asking yourself why the left side, and does it really matter? It does! Sleeping on your left side allows many of the organs and systems in your body to function optimally while you sleep. In fact, according to LifeHack…

“…a small body of research suggests that, for many people, sleeping on the left side may be the ticket to better health and better sleep. The theory stems from Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health and medicine that originated in India.”

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More on the Science Behind Sleeping on Your Left

This short video explains more of the science behind sleeping on your left and how sleeping this way can benefit your health.

How to sleep comfortably on your left?

If you want to switch and sleep on your left try these tips:

  • Place a body pillow on your right to help stop you from rolling over while you sleep.
  • Place a dimly lit light to your right which will naturally encourage you to turn away and sleep on your left side.

Give Your Body the Support Needed for Restful Sleep

In order to rest comfortably and get a quality night’s sleep it’s important to provide adequate support where your body needs it the most, under the neck, the small of the back and for your hip and knee joints.  This video shows you how to use towels and pillows for better support when sleeping on your side.


Your sleep position can make a big difference in your over health and quality of sleep. If you don’t sleep on your left now give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below. We want to hear from you!