Animal Health Bladder Control EuroPharma (Terry Naturally)


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  • Help bladder muscle function
  • Help urinary tract function
  • Clinically studied extract

Product Description

When your dog maintains normal bladder health and control—you’re happier, and so is your dog! Whether your dog was spayed, can’t handle too much excitement, or just gives you with “that look”, Bladder Control can make all the difference. Bladder Control has a powerful, clinically studied extract from the Angelica archangelica leaf, harvested from wild plants and grown in the pure air and soil in Iceland. This prized botanical has been used traditionally in Iceland for over 1,000 years. Today it provides the key compound that promotes optimal bladder health for your pet. Time to say goodbye to “oh-no” and hello to Bladder Control.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Animal Health Bladder Control EuroPharma (Terry Naturally)

  1. Big Nick

    Older incontinent dog, was peeing in the house, have seen an improvement since trying this product

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