EuroPharma/Terry Naturally CuraMed Brain 60 Softgels -2 Pack


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  • Focus and clarity
  • Neural communication
  • Healthy brain function

Product Description

With an intelligent combination of ingredients, CuraMed® Brain supports healthy mental function, and your ability to think clearly and effectively. Provides the key nutrients you need to support clear thinking: BCM Curcumin is a clinically studied ingredient extracted from turmeric that supports cognitive health, mental agility, and provides turmeric essential oils with turmerones for better absorption and greater benefits.* Vitamin D3 supports clear thinking and focus. Higher blood levels of vitamin D are associated with healthy brain function.* Rosemary and Sage support healthy brain enzyme activity, which in turn supports focus and clarity.

Customer Reviews

14 reviews for EuroPharma/Terry Naturally CuraMed Brain 60 Softgels -2 Pack

  1. Nancy

    I thnk this is working! I am not so scattered

  2. PSW

    Like the product a lot so far, though only on for three weeks as of now. Helped me wean off lexapro and hope to stay off that and avoid Alzheimer’s, which runs in the family. The research looks promising. My expreience with the American mainstream medical world hasn’t turned up anything hopeful in the way of supplements, so I was so thankful to find this product and read about the positive results noted so far. We have a lot to learn, and any ray of hope is much appreciated.

    ***A few weeks later, my musicianship has improved quite a bit, though I am an accomplished, life-long musician. After starting the Mental Advantage, my sight-reading skills have improved dramatically.

  3. Sandi Everest

    Seems to make a difference with my “chemo brain.”

  4. Joan Anderson

    Noticeable different. can not be without it! age 75

  5. Valerie A. Williams

    When my husband lets me have some – I have been very pleased! Actually, I have been very pleased at how well he seems to do on them.

  6. Radi

    Turmeric, especially ar- turmeric in this is proved to increase number of brain cells and brain growth factors.

  7. Cynthia Williams

    Definitely notice a difference!

  8. sara motwani

    I noticed a difference after a week with this product. I am excited.

  9. Deborah Finch

    I have been taking the Mental Advantage for one month. I feel that the physical symptoms of stress I was experiencing have been diminished and my mind is more at ease. My memory has improved as well as my ability to stay focused. I am fifty eight years old and in excellent health. I am self employed with much on my plate which can cause me to feel very anxious at times. This product has definitely helped to reduce my anxiety levels. I highly recommend it.

  10. Joy

    Over time I have really noticed a difference in mental focus and capability.

  11. Chester L Beach


  12. Conley

    How else could I remember to order it??

  13. amazon customer


  14. Mary E. Ascher

    Seems to work like the old product.

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