Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth


  • Bone Broth Collagen Powder: Packed with 16g of protein, including collagen powder.
  • Chicken and Beef Broth: Experience the rich flavor of our bone broth made from organic chicken and beef.
  • Minimal Ingredients: Made with 9 premium Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Reduce Cravings: Collagen protein has power peptides & amino acids to boost metabolism and help reduce food cravings.
  • Satisfy Hunger: Dehydrated bone broth fills you up to satisfy your hunger.
  • 7 Bone Broth Packets: Enjoy a healthy lifestyle on-the-go; dissolves easily, just pour & mix with 8oz of warm water for best results.

Product Description

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth is bursting with collagen-packed protein, nourishing nutrients, and hunger-satisfying flavors — in 7 convenient single-serve packets.

Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth takes all the hard work and guesswork out of getting the collagen-packed protein and nutrients you need to nourish your body, control hunger cravings, and even help smooth away wrinkles — without any cooking or prepping.

All the delicious flavors, nutrients, and health benefits of home-prepared bone broth — in easy-to-prepare individual servings.

Ingredients: Bone broth powder, Cauliflower powder, Grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen, Natural flavors, Sea salt, Black pepper, Minced green onion, Parsley, Reishi mushroom powder, Turmeric extract. (Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.)