Toast Freezin’ Cold Extra Strength Pain Relieving Cream


(6 customer reviews)
  • Extra strength pain relieving cream
  • Targeted relief for muscle & joint pain
  • Penetrates deep, Non staining

Product Description

Toast Freezin’ Cold Extra Strength Pain Relieving Cream works fast so you feel pain relief on contact. It relieves pain and symptoms faster than oral products.Targeted relief for muscle and joint pain. Temporarily relieves minor body aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, bruises and strains. Penetrates deep. Application is easy and controllable. Fortified with natural extracts. Non-staining vanishing cream base.

Customer Reviews

6 reviews for Toast Freezin’ Cold Extra Strength Pain Relieving Cream

  1. VladM

    It provides an intense sense of cooling, which in turn provided only maybe a very minor pain relief for my sprain shoulder. And it’s strong eye irritant, even without any contact with eyes, only from vapor of this substance.

  2. JD

    It’s not really that “cold” in my opinion although it does take the pain away. I felt a bit warm at first then it started to get a bit cold afterwards.


    miracle product, best hidden secret to cure pain

  4. carol.reeves

    Great but a tad bit overpriced.But again it is a very good product.

  5. L. Boden

    This stuff really works!


    Awesome product.

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