Terry Naturally BosMed 500 Extra Strength – 60 Softgels


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  • Features clinically studied, uniquely standardized boswellia
  • Up to 10 times more AKBA than unstandardized boswellia
  • Safe and effective
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response* Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse

Product Description

he Most Advanced Boswellia On The Market Today; BosMed 500 uses a clinically-studied, uniquely standardized form of boswellia that can support your health in ways many other forms cannot; It is known to support a healthy inflammation response. Clinically Studied Boswellia; BosMed 500 uses BOS-10 (BosPure) boswellia, an advanced form of boswellia that has been clinically shown to provide results

Customer Reviews

1 review for Terry Naturally BosMed 500 Extra Strength – 60 Softgels

  1. selfcareplus

    Kindle Customer – Before I began taking BosMed 500, I suffered from horrible allergy symptoms. I was taking Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra and Benadryl every day, and I still had to allow an extra fifteen minutes every morning to hack and heave up the mucous my allergies produced. Enter BosMed. I know my quick results may be atypical-the literature states that allergy symptoms are improved in thirty days, but within a week I was no longer hacking in the morning. Within three weeks I was off all five allergy medicines. It’s been two months now and I haven’t needed them. What I’d hadn’t expected was the other health benefits I would experience. I take metformin because I’m insulin resistant. A major side effect of this medication is diarrhea. To combat this awful symptom, I was also having to take 1-2 loperamide every day. After 2-3 weeks of taking the BosMed 500, these were no longer needed. In the last month I’ve taken three, instead of 45-50 doses. General arthritis aches and pains are somewhat reduced, but there is also a proprietary blend of Boswellia that is targeted for arthritis inflammation that I would investigate if that were your primary symptom. I was somewhat skeptical of receiving a high level of symptom relief from an alternative medicine source, but I was desperate enough to try anything to alleviate my allergy symptoms. I am so thankful that I did. What FIVE allergy medicines couldn’t do, Boswell 500 did all by itself. If you’re suffering from chronic allergies and sinusitis, please try this product. It is worth every penny, and I don’t imagine that I will ever stop taking it. I am amazed at how well it works. There was a reason that one of the gifts of the magi was frankincense (Boswellia)-it has amazing healing properties. I’m living proof.

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