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Product Description

Thyroid Care provides superior nutritional support for healthy thyroid and immune function. Optimal levels of iodine benefit the thyroid gland and enhance metabolism. This formula now provides three forms of iodine for even greater overall support beyond the thyroid, although that is still it’s primary target. For example, research shows that molecular iodine supports breast health, while sodium iodide and potassium iodide are the best form of support for thyroid health and the creation of thyroid hormones. L-Tyrosine is an important amino acid which is absolutely necessary for the body to produce thyroid (as well as noradrenaline and dopamine) hormones. It is impossible to have a well functioning thyroid without sufficient quantities of tyrosine combined with iodine either in the diet or through supplementation.

Customer Reviews

15 reviews for Terry Naturally Thyroid Care – 120 – Capsules

  1. L.L

    I’ve been using iodine for about 5 months to treat a myriad of problems, the biggest being grapefruit-sized uterine fibroid tumors. The results have been incredible! I haven’t noticed much in weight loss, but my belly is much smaller and flatter. I can no longer feel the fibroids, which had become so cumbersome I could feel the weight of them just when walking. On top of that, no more brain fog, thick tongue, confusion, etc. I was using iodine drops and found a pamphlet from Terry’s Naturals in the natural pharmacy I go to and they had some really great information about iodine deficiency and treatment so I decided to give it a try and switch.

    At first I was taking the max dosage of 4 capsules. I don’t know if it was supplement related or not, but I did have a problem one day of ear ringing and “Kaleidoscope Eye” which had never happened before so I brought my daily dosage down to 3 capsules and have not had any side effects since. Energy levels are still good, tumors seem to have disappeared, monthly’s are normal again and the rest of the symptoms are still gone.

    I do wish that the pamphlet I found in the natural pharmacy with this brand was included in the package through Amazon. The research and information is very valuable to those who are seeking this method of treatment. The pamphlet advises 50mg iodine daily for 90 days to heal the thyroid and then 12mg daily to maintain. That is vital information.

    I highly recommend visiting a Naturopath and researching if you are experiencing the above said symptoms. The alternative for me was a hysterectomy which would not have solved the iodine deficiency. This seems to have done the trick and improved my all-over health.

  2. Sharon Klee-Leidy

    My hair was falling out by the handfuls for months! Upon recommendation from a cousin, started taking this, and hair is growing back! Yay!

  3. patricia stevens

    At 63 life was going so good then I ran out and replaced with something from the local store…..was so run down and gaining pounds daily. Using the Co-Factors with the Thyroid Care made a noticeable difference in just two days! I highly recommend these products.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I’m no longer on Synthroid and this helps balance my metabolism and thyroid function

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have used this for about a year and noticed the good price at Amazon and ordered twice as much for the same price as the local health food store. I was looking for something to help my skin and this gave me energy I have never had before. Also I have lost 20 pounds over the last year. I only take one pill a day. My diet and exercise stayed the same so I know it was the pills. And I stopped craving salty foods. I don’t know what it might do for other people. I suspected my thyroid needed some help

  6. Jewelly

    I actually started taking these about a year ago. Since then, I have my weight in check and other issues have fallen in line. I trust “Terry Naturally” as a product.

  7. Ella

    We have been taking this for nearly a year. GREAT product. Necessary. Forget iodized salt, it doesn’t give you what you need to offset the huge quantities of Bromine in flour. This is the Stuff. Thanks to the makers!

  8. Wendy Fry

    Competivily priced and worked for my hypothyroidism instead of meds from Dr which had bad sounding side effects no noticeable side effects with this supplement except thyroid levels is now normal

  9. Codyban

    “I have thyroid issues and take medication, so have used this product very carefully, starting with only 1/2 dose a week (2 capsules). I will wait to see my blood work before moving up to full doses. I think the product is excellent and can be beneficial if iodine levels are low but would recommend getting tested for iodine deficiency first.”

  10. Momof4

    This stuff works! 8 years have been spent trying to get my thyroid regulated. Took this for 2 weeks and my labs were perfect! I’m a believer!!

  11. Dr Laura

    I take only one of these because I think 15 milligrams of iodine per day is plenty. It made a huge difference. Within one month I noticed that there was no hair to speak of in the drain after I wash my hair in the shower every morning, and just for that, it’s worth it.

  12. stefanie ellison

    I just received this product so I have nor been using it long. It seems to help me not be tired I the afternoons.

  13. Robyn Newberry

    My thyroid was removed 4 years ago, and I’ve been having issues since. I started this over a month ago, and have noticed more energy! I’m feeling like myself again! I take this along with Adrene Vive.

  14. KATIE

    Was able to lower my synthroid dose taking this and tri-iodine with my prescription synthroid pills!

  15. TT

    I could actually see a difference in puffiness around my thyroid with in two weeks of using this. When I used a pharmaceutical for 4 mo. for my thyroid it didnt even do that.

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